Services and Facilities

Services and Facilities

Lending Services/Issue & Return

ULAB Library lending service (issue and return) is maintained through library management software from Circulation section. A user can issue and return Library resources through his/her own ID Card.

  • User needs to submit own ID in person at the time of library resources. Borrower will returned borrowed resources in person at Circulation Desk.
  • Users can not keep issued resources with themselves in the library.
  • Users will ask and will be confirmed that their books/resources have been returned. Furthermore they will update themselves about the Library fine (if fine is incurred) at the time of returning Library resources.
  • Own ID card needs to be used at the time of issuing Library Resources and return needs to be done in person by the borrower. 


Information and Reference

User can take information and reference services from this section. Information and Reference Section is one of the important sections of the Library. Different types of information and reference services are provided from this section.

Current Awareness Service (CAS): Varieties types of recent information services are provided to Library user on demands.

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI): Based on user requirements, Library provides such kind of services to user as soon as possible.

General Information Service (GIS): Information about Library resources and others are provided to users based on the requirements.

Online Catalog

ULAB provides services to its users through Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). Users can browse and easily find out resources with the help of OPAC. OPAC consists of following facilities:

Search Option: 1. Basic Search and 2. Advanced Search

Search may be performed adopting any option, such as: a. Title b. Author c. Editor d. Subject e. ISBN and f. Key word/any.

New Arrival: This option provides update of newly inducted Library reading materials. New arrival option always displays previous 30 days (1 month) added collections.

Digital Library/E-Library: User can browse for e-content/e-resources through e-Library.

My Account/Transaction History: Any user can check his/her transaction history through User ID and Password for such as – 1) Due Library resources, 2) All borrowed Library resources, 3) Today’s borrowed Library resources and 4) Total fine (if any).

User ID and Password: Respective user’s ID Number is ULAB ID and the same is Password. User can change their Password at their convenience.



ULAB Library provides pigeonhole services. Users need to abide by the following instruction to obtain this service.

  • Users will deposit bag in the pigeonhole only who will use Library.
  • Users will deposit and take return Bag on every day basis. They will not keep pending the Bag in the pigeonhole.
  • Users must not keep any valuable items (such as mobile phones, wallets, purses, cash, ATM or credit cards, watches, and ornaments) in the bags which they deposit at the pigeonholes.
  • Users must collect a TOKEN against their belongings kept in a pigeonhole. If the token is lost, a replacement token will be issued on payment of Tk. 100. Additionally, the pigeonhole staff will need to be convinced that the bag belongs to the person who is claiming it as his or her own.
  • User must inform Library immediately if the token is lost.
  • Deposit and collections of bags, personal belongings must be transacted over table at the pigeonhole counter.
  • User must not enter the pigeonhole area.


Reading Room

ULAB Library has a reading room for silence and tranquilly study. Users can study here peacefully and silently as well as need to maintain following instructions while in room.

  • User will maintain Silent environment in the reading room.
  • Conversation and group discussion are not allowed.
  • User will refrain from sketching on furniture
  • User will not use cell or mobile phone


Group Study Room 

For group discussion, ULAB Library has a Group Study Room. User can use the study room for group discussion. User will need to maintain following instructions while study in room.

  • Loudly discussion is not allowed in group study room.
  • Gossiping and passing lesser time are not allowed in room.
  • User will refrain from sketching on furniture and use it with maximum care.
  • Eating is not allowed in the room.


Photocopy and Printout 

User can take photocopy and print out services from photocopy section which is attached with pigeonhole section in Library area.



ULAB Library provides free Wi-Fi facilities to its users. Library users may utilize this facility to browse library resources from their own Laptop or Smart Phone. To avail this facility please collect your password from IT or Library.


Part-time Job

ULAB Library provides Part-time Job facility for students in their BBRI (Bangladesh Business Reference Initiative) Project.



The Universityof Liberal Arts Bangladesh and its curricula are accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh.