List of books added to ULAB Library from 1st October-2019 to 31st October-2019:


Sl. No. Title Author/Editor Call No.
1. Qualitative Research Methods in Public Relations and Marketing Communications Christine Daymon 659.2072 DAQ
2. The case study handbook: how to read, discuss, and write persuasively about cases William Ellet 658.007 ELC

Strategic Public Relations: an audience-focused approach

Barbara Diggs-Brown 659.2 DIS
4. Elements de linguistique generale Andre Martinet 410 MAE
5. Four quartets T. S. Eliot 821 ELF
6. English literature: values and traditions Ifor Evans 820.9 EVE
7. Language and social behavior W. P. Robinson 420 ROL
8. Esprit de corps: sketches from diplomatic life Lawrence Durrell 823 DUE
9. Outside in the teaching machine Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak 809.89287 SPO
10. Modern verse 1900-1950 Phyllis M. Jones 821 JOM
 11. The summing up Somerset Maugham 823 MAS
12. Summer lightning P. G. Wodehouse 823 WOS
13. The four-dimensional nightmare J. G. Ballard 823  BAF
 14. Nausea Robert  Baldick, Jean-Paul  Sartre 823 NAR
15. Penguin modern poets (Vol.1) Lawrence Durrell 821 DUP
 16. The Philosophy of modern art Herbert Read 808.84 REP
17. A short history of French Literature Geoffrey Brereton 840.9 BRS
 18. Four modern verse plays E. Martin Browne 422 FOE
 19. The Bacchae and other plays: Euripides Philip Vellacott 422 BAP
 20. Rabindranath Tagore: selected poems William Radice 821 RAW
21. From Dryden to Johnson (vol.4): the pelican guide to English Literature Boris Ford 820.9 FRB
 22. The romantic agony Angus Davidson,  Mario Praz 820.9 ROA
23. Three tragedies : lood wedding; Yerma; The house of Bernarda Alba James Graham-Lujan, Richard L O’Connell, Federico Garcia Lorca 822 THJ
24. The Penguin book of modern American verse Geoffrey Moore 821 PEG
25. From Dickens to Hardy (vol.6): the pelican guide to English Literature Boris  Ford 820.9 FRB
26. The Penguin book of contemporary verse 1918-60 Kenneth Allott 821 PEK
27. Baudelaire: selected verse Francis  Scarfe 821  BAF
28. Form and value in modern poetry R. P. Blackmur 821 BLF
29. Practical research methods for media and cultural studies Maire Messenger Davies 001.42 DAP
30. Screen production research: creative practice as a mode of enquiry Craig Batty , Susan Kerrigan 791.43072 SCC
31. Introduction to artificial intelligence and expert systems Dan W. Patterson 006.3 PAI
32. Programming with C++ John R. Hubbard 005.133  HUP
33.  Calculus: an applied approach Ron Larson 515 LAC
34. The C programming language Brian W. Kernighan 005.13  KEC
35.  C++: the complete reference Herbert  Schildt 005.133 SCC
36.  Introduction to Probability and Statistics for engineers and scientists Sheldon M. Ross 519.5 ROI
37.  Power Electronics handbook Muhammad H Rashid 621.317 POM
38. Principles of Electronic Communication Systems Louis E. Frenzel 621.382 FRP
39. Principles of Physics Jearl  Walker 530  WAP
40. Teach yourself French: a book of self-instruction in French based on the work Sir John Adams 445 ADT
41. Islam in modern history Wilfred Cantwell Smith 297 SMI
42.  South Asian crisis: India-Pakistan-Bangladesh Robert Jackson 954.9205 JAS
43.  EduTrends: alternative credentials Observatory of Educational Innovation 378 OBE
44.  Report of The Court of Inquiry constituted under Punjab Act II of 1954 to enquire into the Punjab Disturbances of 1953 The Superintendent, Government Printing, Punjab 954.9 SUR
45.  The Gods of the Greeks Carl Kerenyi 292 KEG
46.  Buddhist nationalism : Rohingya crisis and contemporary politics Asif Bin Ali, Sabbir Ahmed 959.1 BUA
47. Bangladesh’s road to long-term economic prosperity M. G. Quibria 338.95492 QUB
48.  Song of our motherland Qayyum Chowdhury 741 SOQ
49. Stimulated luminescence: solo art exhibition Juneer  Kibria 750 KIS
50. The limitless luminosity of lines Safiuddin Ahmed 741 AHL
51.  Rooted creativity : anniversary exhibition 3- 9 Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts 750 BER
52. Soul soil symbols : retrospective graphic art exhibition : Warsaw, Paris, Tokyo, New York : 1977-2007 Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts 750 BES
53.  Colour, rhapsody and memories of time : solo painting exhibition Tahera Khanam 750 KHC
54. The journey within : solo exhibition Bipasha  Hayat 750 HAJ
55. Gopal Ghose, 1913-1980: painting exhibition Gopal Ghose 750 GHG
56.  Saga of creativity Bangladesh Television (BTV) 750 BAS
57.  REM : solo art exhibition Ranjit Das 750 DAR
58.  Title untitled : joint painting exhibition MM.  Maizuddin 750 MAT
59.  Music Album : CD and cassette catalogue Bengal Foundation 782.42 BEM
60. পূরব দেশের পুরনারী কাজী মদিনা 923.65492 MAP
61.  শব্দ চিত্র মত ও মতবাদ সৌম্য সালেক 891.44 SAS
62.  দুই বাঙলার নান্দনিক কবিতা: ১০১ কবি ৩৬৫ কবিতা মুহম্মদ এমদাদ হাসনায়েন, সারিয়া সুলতানা 891.441 DUM
63. Resilience in action challenges and solutions to climate change in Bangladesh Samiya Ahmed  Selim, Basundhara Tripathy Furlong,  Meherun Ahmed 304.25095492 RES
64. Climate change and society: sociological perspectives: report of the American Sociological Association’s Task Force on sociology and global climate change Riley E Dunlap, Robert J Brulle 304.25 CLR

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