Similarity Checker-Turnitin

Similarity Checker-Turnitin

Login for Assignment Submission:

Registration/Turnitin Account Creation:

Students need to register / create Turnitin account with email address before login to Turnitin / submitting assignments. After successful registration/account creation, students can submit assignment to Turnitin.Turnitin is an Internet-based similarity checking software/service and it was launched in 1997 in USA. Turnitin is used as a tool to teach students how to work with sources.

Please contact @ ULAB Library for assistance.

More Details:

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How to Upload Assignment/Papers/Thesis in Turnitin for Similarity Check & Report


Brief Information:

1) Creating a New User Profile
2) Enrolling in a Class
3) Submit/Upload Assignment/Paper/Thesis
4) Getting Similarity/Originality Reports


Detailed Information:

Students need to register / create Turnitin accounts before login to Turnitin /submitting assignments/papers/thesis. They need to complete following steps to create User Account to Turnitin and submitting assignments /papers as well as getting similarity/originality reports.

Turnitin is an anti-plagiarism tool that is used to detect plagiarism/check originality/check similarity in student’s work. Paper that is submitted to Turnitin will be checked against database of different sources as per policy of Turnitin.

1)1st Step – Creating a New User Profile:

Students need to register / create Turnitin account with ULAB Email before login to Turnitin. After successful registration, students can upload assignment/paper/thesis to Turnitin. If ULAB Library has added the student to a course and the student has received the automated notification e-mail containing a temporary password or if the student has used Turnitin previously and has an existing user profile, they need to continue to the Log in Page in Turnitin. A class ID and enrollment password are required to enroll in a class (students will get class id & password) for submitting/uploading assignment on Turnitin.

i) Go to for login/registration (click new user – students/users who already have not registered for Turnitin Accounts)
ii) To Create a New Turnitin Student Account, form must be completed
iii) Enter class ID number and Turnitin class enrollment password (provided by ULAB Library)
iv) Enter user first name, last name, and a ULAB E-mail Address to use as the login for Turnitin
v) The user password must be between six and twelve characters long
vi) Select a secret question and answer from the drop-down menu.
vii) Review the user agreement and to continue using Turnitin, click on I agree — create profile
viii) From the completed user profile creation page, click on Log in to Turnitin

2)2nd Step – Enrolling in a Class:

Student Homepage displays a list of courses that the student user profile is enrolled. Newly created user profiles are automatically enrolled in the class associated with the class ID used to create the user profile. Students may also receive a notification e-mail from Turnitin about new course.

3)3rd Step – How to Submit/Upload Assignment/Paper/Thesis:

To submit assignment/paper/thesis on Turnitin, the user must log in and upload a file to an existing assignment. After the submission has been completed, a digital receipt is displayed in your browser window. A copy is also sent to ULAB E-mail Address for the user login. It is important to use a valid e-mail address to receive this copy of the digital receipt. Students need to save the receipt and the submission id as it contains proof of a completed submission. Students can upload a file from a) Computer, b) Dropbox or c) Google Drive and then Click Upload to upload the file.

4)4th Step – Getting Similarity/Originality Reports:

ULAB Library will provide hard copy / print out of the Similarity/Originality Report to the students. The Similarity/Originality Report provides a summary of matching or similar areas of text found in a submitted paper. The similarity report percentage range runs from 0% to 100%. The percentage is generated by the amount of similar or matching text compared to the number of words in the submission in total.

Please visit through ULAB Library Web page at: for submitting assignment/paper/thesis/login.

For more, please contact @ ULAB Library.

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