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UDL (UGC Digital Library) is an initiative of University Grants Commission of Bangladesh to provide access to electronic information and resources (E-Journals/E-Periodicals and E-Books) to the academic community in Bangladesh. UDL has been subscribing to electronic resources for the member institutions at lower cost. UGC Digital Library (UDL) is hosted by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh. UDL is funded largely by the World Bank’s Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP).

1)   ACM Digital Library
2)   EMERALD E-Journals
3)   IEEE Explore Digital Library

4)   Wiley E-Books


Resource Descriptions:

1) ACM Digital Library

ACM Digital Library is published by Association for Computing Machinery. ACM is one of the world’s largest educational & scientific computing society. It provides resource that advances computing as science and profession as well as ACM provides the computing field’s premier resources through Digital Library. ACM DL HQ is based in USA.

ACM DL aims to be a destination of all scholarly communications and to extend boundaries of the past and envision the future. ACM’s subject area is Computer Science and Engineering (CSE).

ULAB Library’s subscription to ACM Digital Library comprises with:

1) Journals- Total 54 Titles
2) Magazines- Total 12 Titles
3) Newsletters- 69 Total Titles
4) Conference Proceedings- Total 1,002 Titles
5) Other Contents/Resources- Total 10 Titles

Click at  for accessing to ACM Digital Library.


2) EMERALD E-Journals

Emerald is a global publisher and provides access to high quality, peer-reviewed research. Emerald has been providing services since last 50 years. Emerald manages a portfolio of over 300 journals. Emerald journals are indexed by Scopus and new articles are added continually for users, researchers and practitioners.

ULAB Library’s subscription to EMERALD Journals comprises with:

Subject Areas:

1) Accounting 2) Finance
3) Business 4) Economics
5) Management 6) Engineering
7) Human Resources 8) Organizational Studies
9) Information Management 10) Knowledge Management
11) Library Studies 12) Marketing
13) Operations 14) Logistic & Quality
15) Environment 16) Tourism and Hospitality



1) Accounting, Finance & Economics eJournal Collection (EAFE) –24 Titles
Business, Management and Strategy eJournal Collection (EBMS) –31 Titles
Education eJournal Collection (EEDU) –13 Titles
Engineering eJournal Collection (EENG) –23 Titles
HR, Learning & Organization Studies eJournal Collection (EHRLOS) –19 Titles
Health & Social Care eJournal Collection (EMXHSC) – 6 Titles
Information & Knowledge Management eJournal Collection (EMXIKM) –11 Titles
Library Studies eJournal Collection (ELIB) –17 Titles
Marketing eJournal Collection (EMAR) –16 Titles
Operations, Logistics & Quality eJournal Collection (EOLQ) –12 Titles
Property Management & Built Environment eJournal Collection (EPMBE) –11 Titles
Public Policy & Environmental Management eJournal Collection (EPPEM) –8 Titles
Tourism and Hospitality eJournal Collection (EMXTH) –3 Titles

Click at for accessing to EMERALD Journals.


3) IEEE Xplore Digital Library

IEEE Xplore Digital Library is an electronic resource gateway for discovery and access to scientific and technical contents which have been published by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and its publishing partners. Its HQ is based in USA.

IEEE Xplore Digital Library provides access to more than four-million full-text (HTML & PDF) journal contents from some of the world’s most highly cited academic publications in electrical engineering, computer science and electronics literature.

ULAB Library’s subscription to IEEE Xplore Digital Library comprises with:

Subject Areas:

1) Computer Science
2) Electrical Engineering
3) Electronics


1) IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package (ASPP) – 208 Journal Titles
2) IEEE Proceedings Order Plan (POP ALL) – 13,496 Proceedings and Transactions Titles

Click at for accessing to IEEE Xplore Digital Library.


4) Wiley E-Books

Wiley is an international scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly publishing platform of John Wiley & Sons Company. Wiley Online Library is a part of John Wiley & Sons Company.

Wiley Online Library hosts the world’s broadest and deepest multidisciplinary collection of online resources. It provides access to 6 million articles from over 1500 journals, over 19,000 online books/Ebooks.

ULAB Library’s subscription to Wiley E-books comprises with:

Subject Areas:

1) Social Science 2) Humanities
3) Business 4) Life & Health Science
5) Physical Science 6) Management
7) Marketing 8) Medicine
9) Technology



1) Humanities and Social Sciences – 705 E-book Titles
2) Engineering – 606 E-book Titles
3) Law- 31 E-book Titles
4) Life Sciences and Geography- 544 E-book Titles
5) Business, Management and Marketing – 447 E-book Titles
6) Medicine – 479 E-book Titles
7) Science and Technology- 688 E-book Titles

Click at for accessing to Wiley Ebooks/Online Books.

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