ULAB Research and Publications

ULAB Research and Publications

University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh gives emphasis on Research work. There are many centers doing research works on different fields. They publish their research papers in different journals, magazines. A number of books were also published by different centers.

Center for Bangla Studies:

Center for Bangla Studies works under the direct supervision of its Advisor National and Emeritus Professor Rafiqul Islam. It has published several books which are helpful for the researchers who are working in Bangla language and literature.

Some publications of Center for Bangla Studies are given below:

গীতাঞ্জলি: সম্পাদনা- রফিকুল ইসলাম

সহস্রাব্দের বাংলা ভাষা ও সাহিত্য: সম্পাদনা- ড. রফিকুল ইসলাম ও ড. তপতী রাণী সরকার












বাংলা ভাষার উপভাষা বৈচিত্র্য: ভাষাতাত্ত্বিক সমীক্ষা ও নিদর্শন: তপতী রাণী সরকার













Bangla for Foreigners: Begum Jahan Ara













Center for Enterprise and Society (CES)
Publications of CES

Center for Sustainable Development (CSD)
Publications of CSD

Dhaka Translation Center (DTC)
Publications of DTC

Center for Archeological Studies (CAS)
Publications of CAS

Bengal Lights Books (BLB)
Publications of BLB

Crossings: ULAB Journal of English Studies










ULAB Journal of Science and Engineering











Working Paper Series on ICT for Development












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