Online Resources

ULAB Library supports its users and patrons in their studies, research, and teaching providing access to online resources/e-resources (Subscribed, Registered, and Open Access). There are a large number of online resources of different disciplines. Researchers can highly be benefited from these online resources. The resources are categorized in different ways. New titles/ items are added to electronic collections regularly.  If you can’t find any information or resources, please submit a purchase request to the library.

  1. Online Resources – Category
  2. Online Resources – A-Z
  3. Open Educational Resources – OER

About the resources:

Online Resources – Category

ULAB Library consists of journals, magazines, books, reports, etc. under the Online Resource Category. User can browse their required resources category-wise. Online resources are categorized here as follows:

Book, Audio-Book, Journal, Magazine, Report, Dissertation, Image, Video, etc.

Online Resources – A-Z

ULAB Library contains a huge quantity of subscribed online resources. Besides these, there are a large amount of registered and open source resources.  These resources are categorized from A – Z for the user's easy browsing.

Open Educational Resources – OER

Open educational resources are freely accessible, openly licensed text, media, and other digital assets that are useful for teaching, learning, and assessing as well as for research purposes.

For images: Flickr Creative Commons

Google Advanced Search

For video: Vimeo

For text, etc: OER Commons

Directory of Open Educational Resources (DOER), COL

OASIS [COL’s eLibrary]

Wikimedia Commons

Wiki books

Openstax CNX

Khan Academy


Global Text Project [30 textbooks management and technology]

● ESC Library's OER Guide

  •  A starting place to find OER repositories and lists.
  • They are categorized by the type of OER: Open Textbook, Open Course, and smaller OER…

● Open Educational Resources: "Single Serving" OERs

● Open Textbooks: Open Textbook Repositories

● Open Educational Resources: Open Courses