Turnitin Service

Turnitin is an internet-based plagiarism detection service that identifies similarities with existing sources from repositories, publications, and current & archived internet. It can be used in formative assessment to help users to avoid plagiarism and improve writing.

How to use

Turnitin web address: www.turnitin.com

Turnitin student guide for ULAB students

Follow the guidelines to check your paper with the ULAB Turnitin service. We encourage every student to check their paper from their own Turnitin account. Please submit your paper to the assignment in the turnitin class created by your course teacher. 

To check from the library, please follow the instructions.

i. In case of an Academic Paper -thesis, internship, project, dissertation, assignment, etc. copy the email to your course instructor/supervisor in the CC loop when you will submit it to the Library.
ii. In case of the Exam Paper -class test, mid-term, final term, etc. send it via your course instructor or with the written approval from him/her.
iii. If your paper is written for publications- article, book chapter, etc., you can check from the library as a part of research support.

Please send your paper to the following email and after checking the report we will send it to you within the shortest possible time:

[email protected]