Article Request Service

Article service is one of the most important services for the research purpose. ULAB Library provides article service to ULABians from subscribed online resources, open-access resources, as well as from other private universities or institutions of Bangladesh as well as abroad through online resource sharing. If the required article is out of reach, then we procure it according to the importance of the requirement.

How to request:

ULABians are eligible for this article request service. When you are unable to find a required full-text article from the subscribed E-Resource (journal article, conference paper, proceedings, etc.) of ULAB Library, or from any other sources – please click on the following link and fill-up the form for getting the required article.

request link:

– google form 

– e-mail 


Note: When you request through e-mail you must mention the title, author, publisher, DOI, etc. of the article in the email body.

The library will send the requested article based on availability within the shortest possible time.

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