Library Collection

ULAB Library is enriched with various types of both print and e-resources that includes books, Journals, Magazines, Reports, Newspapers, Audio-Visual Materials, Map & Atlas, BBRI Resources, Thesis, Dissertation & Internship Reports, Posters, and Photographs, etc. Besides, ULAB Library is a member of a variety of Online Archives & Databases. Library Resources are kept on the shelf in line with School, Department Program, Center, Subject Category, and Subcategory according to the International Classification System, DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification).


- Print resource
- E-resources
- Map & Atlas
- Photographs

Print Resources 

- Book
- Journal
- Magazine
- Newspaper
- Report & Census
- ULAB publication
- BBRI Annual Report
- Internship Report, Thesis & Dissertation.



ULAB Library has developed its collections with different academic books, reference books, literary books, special and rare books as well as other non-academic books which database is accessible via Library OPAC – Online Public Access Catalog

-Media Studies and Journalism
-English Language & Literature
-Computer Science and Engineering
-Electrical & Electronic Engineering
-Bengali Language & Literature
-Sustainable Development
-World History & Civilization
-Bangladesh Studies
-Social Science
-Performing Arts

Special Collection:

-Liberation War of Bangladesh
-Language Movement of Bangladesh
-Bangabandhu Collection
-Rabindranath Collection
-Kazi Nazrul Islam Collection
-BoT publications
-Lalon Collection
-Folk Collection
-Religion & Theology
-Biography & Autobiography
-Photography Collection
-Travel & Tourism
- Art & Architecture

Reference Collection 

-Map and Atlas



ULAB Library developed its print journal collection to meet the requirements of teachers, students, researchers of different departments, and research centers. ULAB Library journal collection covers the field of business, journalism, science and technology, arts and literature, area studies, archaeology, sustainable development, etc. Library subscribes to the following print journals-

-Economic & Political Weekly (EPW)
-Bank Parikrama: A Journal of Banking & Finance
-BIISS Journal
-Journal of the Institute of Bankers Bangladesh
-The Bangladesh Accountant
-South Asia Journal (SAJ)
-The Jahangirnagar Economic Review
-Journal of Statistical Studies
-Insurance Journal
-Journal of  Business Administration
-Dhaka University Journal of Business Studies
-Bangladesh Journal of Political Economy
-NDC Journal
-Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research
-The Bangladesh Development Studies
-Bangladesh Quarterly
-Journal of Bengal Art
-The Journal of Rural Development
-The World of Theater
-Six Seasons Review
-উন্নয়ন বিতর্ক


ULAB Library magazine subscription includes-

- Harvard Business Review
- Ice Today (Monthly)
- Ice Business Times (Monthly)
- Tech World (Monthly) 
- Computer Jagat (Monthly)
- Kali O Kalom (Monthly)



ULAB Library collects the following reports-

-Statistical Yearbook of Bangladesh
-Bangladesh Economic Review
-Bangladesh Yellow Pages
-Foreign Trade Statistics of Bangladesh
-Bangladesh Annual Budget
-Bangladesh Bank Annual Report
-বাংলাদেশ অর্থনৈতিক সমীক্ষা
-ব্যাংক ও আর্থিক প্রতিষ্ঠান সমূহের কার্যাবলী
-রপ্তানী নীতি
-আমদানী নীতি
-Population Census
-Economic Census
-Agriculture Census



ULAB Library subscribes to the top national English & Bengali national dailies and one international daily newspaper. These are-  

National newspaper

-The Daily Star
-The Financial Express
-New Age
-Dhaka Tribune
-প্রথম আলো
-দৈনিক যুগান্তর
-দৈনিক ইত্তেফাক
-কালের কন্ঠ
-বাংলাদেশ প্রতিদিন
-আমাদের সময়

International Newspaper 

-The New York Times



ULAB Library developed an audio-visual corner with a collection of songs, movies, documentaries, dramas, poetry, reports, e-book, etc. Followings are the AVM collection categories at a glance-

-Bangabandhu Collection (Documentary) 
-Music (songs of Nazrul & Rabindranath) 
-English Classic Movie
-Animated Film
-Bengali Classic Movie
-Hindi Classic Movie
-Liberation War of Bangladesh
-Documentary Film ( Bangladesh)
-Documentary Film ( Other)
-Audio and Video Cassettes
-E-Book (Encyclopedia & Dictionary )
-ULAB Collection
-War (Other)
-Bengali Drama
-Khaled Khan



The library Map & Atlas collection contains the global and regional area maps. Users can see the river & transport map, historical map, and regional maps of the different divisions and districts of Bangladesh.  Map categories are-

- The world map  
- Continental map
- Sub-continental map
- SAARC map 
- Bangladesh
     - Administrative map
     - Divisional map
     - Liberational war
     - River
     - Hill-tracts 
     - Past & present of Dhaka
- Atlas



The library photograph collection contains pictures of historical events and persons. ULAB Library exhibits these collections in the event organized on different national days.

- Liberation War of Bangladesh
- Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
- Language Movement of Bangladesh
- Kazi Nazrul Islam
- Rabindranath Tagore