Community user service

ULAB Library is a leading academic library in Bangladesh with a humongous collection of special books, literary books, reference books, journals, magazines, and reports, etc. Students, academics, teachers, and individual researchers beyond the ULAB are eligible to avail of the library services, all will be needed to become members of the library.

Membership procedure

Community members will apply to Librarian with recommendations from ULAB faculty members/admin members /head of the concerned institution. Community members will be allowed only having permission from Vice-Chancellor /Pro Vice-chancellor.

Who can be a member

- Alumni
- Non-ULABian 
- Researcher

Day use 

Day user membership card will be issued to community users/researchers /scholars who will want to use the library on that day /one day only. Membership charge is not required.
- Day users will use library resources only within the library from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm and they will not be allowed to borrow any library resources.

Regular use

- Regular membership card may be issued to community users who will want to use the library regularly – weekly /monthly /semester.
- Regular members can borrow maximum two items at a time for a maximum of seven days.
- The membership fee is Tk. 1,000 (one thousand) for non ULABians and 500 (five hundred) for the ex-ULABians with the validity of one semester.
- Regular community members who will wish to borrow books/library will need to deposit Tk. 2,000 (two thousand) for non ULABians and 1,000 (one thousand) for the ex-ULABians to accounts office as library caution money.

Membership facilities

- Can study in the library.
- Can use library resources and premises. 
- Can borrow books from the library. 
- Can participate in the training provided by the library.