General user guide

This guide will introduce you to the ULAB Library with key information and help you to locate library resources as well as will guide you to utilize these. Particularly it will be a special instructor for the freshers.

ULAB Library is the centre to facilitate knowledge acquisition by providing Resources to ULAB students, faculty members, BoT members, administrative members, alumni and community users. It has been growing with the university constantly serving the vibrant community of students and faculty members since its establishment in 2004.

ULAB Library is an automated library that is managed by an Integrated Library System- KOHA. The library is equipped with Wi-Fi & Internet facilities and the Library is under CC camera surveillance to ensure security.

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-ULAB Library is an automated library and it’s maintained by the Integrated Library Management System -KOHA. 
-Library Database – OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) and users can access & search remotely.
-Library Digital Repository –Dspace- it is maintained institutional digital resources and users can access them remotely.
-Library Website - users can access digital resources remotely and get all services, supports and facilities -24/7


All students, faculty members, BoT members, administrative members of ULAB are entitled to become library members. Anyone else can become a community member, at the discretion of the university authority.


-All the users must have an official ULAB ID card for Library Membership.
-The library will provide a temporary ID card to part-time faculty members.
-Community users and alumni are eligible for library membership with recommendations from ULAB faculty members, head of the administrative department as well as head of the concerned institution.
-Part-time faculty, Alumni and Community members should apply (application form available at Library) to the Library with one passport size and one stamp size photograph.


Sl. No.

User Material Types Qty. Duration   Sl. No. User Material Types Qty. Duration
1 Under Graduate Students Book 2 3 Days 4 BOT Book 3 14 Days
CD/ DVD 1 1 Day CD/ DVD 5 7 Days
Periodical Not Allowed Periodical On-demand
Map/ Atlas Not Allowed Map/ Atlas On-demand
2 Graduate Students Book 2 7 Days 5 Staff Book 2 3 Days
CD/ DVD 1 3 Days CD/ DVD 1 2 Days
Periodical Not Allowed Periodical Not Allowed
Map/ Atlas Not Allowed Map/ Atlas Not Allowed
3 Faculty Book 4 Full semester 6 Community User /Alumni Book All type of resources can use within the Library.
2 14 Days CD/ DVD
CD/ DVD 5 7 Days Periodical
Periodical Back Issues Map/ Atlas
Map/ Atlas Issued for Class 



-5 TK. per day for students after the due date
-10 TK. per day for faculties after the due date


-Book/resource will be replaced by the user with the same or latest edition.
-The borrower will be liable for the full replacement cost and accumulated fines of the item borrowed if the resource is not replaced.
-The replacement cost of any item will be decided by the library authority and plus 20 % will be added as service charge.


ULAB Library maintained an Integrated Library Management System -KOHA.  Users can access Library Database – OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) remotely. Users can search the required book, identify the location of the book and finally retrieve the book with the help of OPAC. They can also check their transaction history, search history and fine details by using the OPAC user’s account facility.


All Library users can raise requisition. Faculty members will raise requisitions of library learning resources based on departmental requirements. Students and admin staff may raise requisition for their requirements. Book Requisition Form is available at Library websites.


Users can reserve the required book using their OPAC account. The library will hold the reserved book and the user have to pick up the book on that certain date. Otherwise, the hold request will be cancelled and the book will be available for the other users.


The use of library resources and services should not cause any inconvenience to others. Library resources and services are intended for educational and entertainment purposes. Users should keep in mind that these materials are in the library to be shared by all ULABians.

-Please enter, leave and work quietly in the library. Mobile phones must be in silent mode.
-Valid ULAB ID should be displayed while entering the library.
-Please deposit your belongings (without valuable items) in the pigeonhole before entering the library.
-Please use the library resources carefully. Any sort of damage on any item (such as, tearing up pages, underlining or highlighting texts, scratching on DVDs, etc.) shall be treated as a violation of the library code of conduct.
-Please leave the library resources on the table after using it.
-Please proceed to the circulation desk for borrowing /returning items, and for any other assistance.
-A fine of Taka 5.00(five) will be imposed for a book/resources per day if they are not returned on the due date.
-A fine of Taka 100 (hundred) will be imposed for issuing a duplicated token if a pigeonhole token is lost. He/she will report/inform it immediately to the Library Authority.

General prohibitions for the library users-

- Loud, disruptive conversations that include noisy behavior, whistling and shouting.
- Making sounds of electronic devices that others can hear
- Use of abusive language towards others whether oral or written. 
- Sleeping, napping, or loitering
- Harassing, or threatening other library users or staff including stalking, prolonged staring at, irritating a person, disturbing, sexual or racial misconduct, etc.
- Smoking or other use of tobacco.
- Defacing library materials by marking, underlining, cutting pages or portions of pages, removing binding, or in any other way injuring library materials.
- Excessive display of affection. 
- Leaving personal property unattended.  The library is not accusable for loss, damage, or theft.
- Consuming food or beverages inside the library except in the area where it is allowed.
- Receiving or making cell phone calls in the library.
- Entering or lingering on library premises with a level of physical cleanliness that is offensive to others.
- Occupying more than one seat or reserving a seat for friends or acquaintances.
- Bringing in two or more bags. No bag may be brought into the library that exceeds the size of a standard backpack.
- Bringing a child or any pet into the library or leaving it outside the library unattended.
- Possessing, displaying, or using any dangerous weapon. 
- Possessing or selling prohibited drugs.
- Gambling or betting. 
- Engaging in any fighting including making any threats of violence or unlawful deeds.
- Using the library for political, charitable, or religious purposes by selling, soliciting, surveying, circulating written materials, or campaigning.
- Materials carried out from the library must be checked out from the circulation desk.
- The library will NOT tolerate threats or acts of violence. Any person engaging in such behaviors will be immediately ejected from the library


Sunday – Thursday    |    9:00 am – 4:30 pm (During Covid-19)

City Campus Library
Saturday – Thursday  |   8:30 am – 9:30 pm
Friday                          |   9.00 am - 9.30 pm

Main Campus Library 
Sunday – Thursday    8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Friday                         |  9.00 am - 12.30 pm 
(Saturday closed)


Main Campus Library

1st Floor, Building -C, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh
688 Beribadh Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh

City Campus Library

1st Floor, Research Building
House 56, Rd 4/A Satmasjid Road
Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh